Help-U-FiXiT @SolutionCentres (Beta) are a unique network of Portals/Gateways to a comprehensive array of work-related services for professionals around the globe, with built-in Help-U-FiXIT Specialist Q&A Forums attended by an advisory panel of authenticated subject matter specialists of tried and tested calibre, with proven histories and track records of performance.

is a fresh innovation that has its origins in Open Source Collaborative Enterprise of the type that made popular, groundbreaking Open Source platforms, products and services, such as WordPress, Linux, Wikipedia, Firefox (and other Mozilla products), OpenOffice, LibreOffice and an entire ecosystem of some the most widely-used apps, plugins, browser extensions and addons. 

Open Source platforms, products and services are conceived, devised, seed-funded, built, launched, maintained, bug-reported/bug-fixed, updated, serviced, upgraded and financially-supported by armies of dedicated Open Source devotees, aficionados and followers, attended to by small, dedicated, enterprising teams of Open Source coders, developers and designers, collaborating seamlessly even while dotted around cyberspace. Individual team members contributing their talents to ensure the sort of seamless collaboration that makes Open Source platforms, products, tools and services such valued, trusted, much-loved and widely-used components of today’s online experience in which an overabundance of options means true power rests with user choices.

As a Registered User or Unregistered User (alike), you are free to navigate your local OpenWorld Portal, scroll down and search for whichever listed online platformtool, service, network, product, plugin, extension, addon or other online tool you might need to help boostenhance, progress, grow or develop your skill set, career, business, side gig or startup venture.

SolutionCentres Registration is limited to valid WordPress accountprofile, domainwebsite and/or blog owners, in furtherance of its mission to help more users leverage the growing WordPress community:

14 Surprising Statistics About WordPress Usage

Help-U-FiXiT @SolutionCentres Users without WordPress accounts, profiles, websites and/or blogs can still freely navigate the Help-U-FiXiT @SolutionCentres  wide range of Freemium services, tools, features and functions for Unregistered Users, making full use of a unique, rich, extensive OpenWorld Ecosystem with its 100% Organic Reach.

Joining the Help-U-FiXiT @SolutionCentres Registered User Community unlocks access to a sorely-needed, groundbreaking, exclusive, online/real world, professional, social, affinity and common interest networking and content-sharing communities of authentic users engaged in safe, secure, trusted, authentic interaction, collaboration, communication, tutoringtraining, mentoring, mentorship, internship, apprenticeshiplearning, writing, reading, publishing and sharing space whose time has come.

Help-U-FiXiT’s @SolutionCentres’s simple, transparent funding models, based on non-workflow disrupting, non-tracking, passive background advertising, affiliate relationships, unintrusive, sponsored content and an uncomplicated mix of Freemium and affordable, flat fee, 2-Tiered Premium Services.

Unregistered SolutionCentres Help-U-FiXiT @SolutionCentres Users automatically qualify as Freemium SolutionCentres Community Members.

Freemium Registered SolutionCentres Users who pay a moderate, flat rate fee, automatically qualify as Authentic Associate OpenWorld Community Members, with unhindered access to a full suite of  SolutionCentres Member/User Tools, Features, Functions, Services, Platforms, Forums, Groups and Communities.

Premium Registered SolutionCentres Users who pay a moderate, flat rate fee, automatically qualify as Authenticated Premium SolutionCentres Community Members, with unhindered access to  a full suite of User Tools, Features, Functions, Services, in addition to exclusive access to a unique portfolio of SolutionCentres Corporate Advertising, Sponsorship, Affiliate Marketing services.

Registered User Membership with domain name-related business e-mail addresses are required in order to be able to participate in, contribute to and leverage interactions, discussions and benefits from the expertise, advice, guidance and support of Resident Help-U-FiXiT @SolutionCentres Q&A Forums Subject Matter Specialists, with a view to leveraging Freelancing and Consultative opportunities within the SolutionCentres Ecosystem.

The SolutionCentres Organisation hereby restates it binding commitment (within the limits of its abilities and of the data/information security technologies available to it), never to exploit, liquidateleverage, monetisesell, resellpromotemarketbarter, exchange, trade, transfer or wilfully share, disseminate or distribute SolutionCentres Member/User Data and/or User Metadata.

As Help-U-FiXiT @SolutionCentres @OpenWorld evolve from Beta to Full Release implementation, its comprehensive array of SolutionCentres work, career, business development and other business-related services listed will become increasingly richer, broader, deeper and more topic/subject/discipline/field/industry/sectordifferentiated as new specialist topic/subject/discipline/field/industry/sector-specific online tools, productsservices, networks and platforms are evaluated and included, further enhancing, broadening, deepening and differentiating the menu of options for each Help-U-FiXiT @SolutionCentres Category.

Help-U-FiXiT @SolutionCentres User feedbacksuggestionsrecommendations and referrals of both online and real world content-creationpublishingeducation, training, retrainingreskilling, certification, career, work, business development, professional development, personal development and startup venture-related tools, services, communities, networks and platforms not currently listed are always welcome and will be considered for inclusion in the SolutionCentres Resourcebase, if submitted via Contact Us.

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