Real Time HelpU-FiXiT@SolutionCentres Action Plan Updates (2022):

Elements of Proposed SolutionCentres Ecosystem

Help-U-FiXiT @SolutionCentres is in live Beta Phase development as an Open Source professional networking, publishing, collaboration, communication, community management, Expert Q&A Forums and content-sharing concept.

The introductory SolutionCentres Action Plan Pages is being implemented as you read, to incorporate a detailed mission statement and a fuller explanation of planned structure and planned future actions. In the meantime, please feel free to submit your comments, reactions, suggestions, observations, hopes and aspirations for SolutionCentres Ecosystem webpages with a commenting facility.


■ True Affinity Networking?

100% Organic Reach for your Articles, Blogs and Posts?

■ Opportunities to Brand/Market B2B or B2C Goods/Services?

Broad Syndication of Writing with full control of content?

Sale of B2B or B2C Products or Services?

■ Promoting a STEM Seminar?

■ Hosting your own Forum or Chat Space?

■ Levying your expertise/experience in Specialist Q&A Forums?

■ Hosting your own Podcast or Vlogging Channel?

■ Presenting Academic Research Journal Publications?

■ Marketing your latest Book or eBook?

■ Showcasing your upcoming Event?

SolutionCentres and Help-U-FiXiT therefore offer you an open invitation to explore, investigate and help add shape, texture, definition, direction and reach to the SolutionCentres Initiative, which is taking concrete steps to create the next generation of Open Source, international collaborative platform for transparent, member-centric professional networking and consumer product support services.

During this formative period, you have a rare, potential ground floor opportunity to impact the rate and direction of evolution of a mass participation Social Media platform.

If any of the above would be of interest to you and/or anyone in your professional contact network, please sign up to follow Help-U-FiXiT’s, SolutionCentres‘s progress and provide suggestions and feedback via the comment forms on selected SolutionCentres web pages or via the Contact Us form on every Local, Regional, National or SolutionCentres (Central) Hub.

We at Help-U-FiXiT @SolutionCentres thank you for you interest and truly appreciate any input you might offer in furtherance of this refreshing new initiative.

SolutionCentres Organisation